As long as I can remember, I have been rescuing discarded treasures, hiding them away in boxes and then admiring them over and over. Ordinary objects have a way of magically transforming into precious objects when taken out of context and placed in an intimate space. These precious objects with their implied stories and nostalgia inspire my artwork where I combine them with collage, sculpture, drawing, painting, encaustic and boxes to tell stories that explore our connections to the past, each other, and the animal world. 


Born and raised in the Midwest, Vicki got the bug to head west and landed in Montana where she acquired a love for the wilderness and a BA in art from Montana State University.  She continued her westward migration where she made Kodiak Island, Alaska home, then spent a couple years in San Francisco to earn her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She returned to island life for the next 15 years where she worked as a mom, bartender, carpenter, and art instructor. Back in Montana and profoundly grateful to live creatively and pursue life as a full‑time artist, she calls Bozeman home and travels the country selling art at festivals and pursuing her never ending quest for interesting “stuff”.  She is known for her mixed media constructions that tell stories, reflect on the human condition, and relay the ironies of life’s situations.  Her work is influenced by myths, the animal world, personal journeys, human nature and great finds with a history.  She exhibits throughout the U.S.